Virtual SFGE – Schedule

This list below is not complete and may have additional content as we wrap up our last videos. Unless otherwise noted, all content will be available on both our YouTube Channel and our Facebook Page.


Virtual SFGE – SFGE: Past, Present, and Future
Friday 4:00 PM (Opening Ceremonies)

Join us as showrunners Preston, Patrick and Shannon kick off Virtual SFGE with a reflection of the show creation and our past six incredible events. They discuss what’s in store for Virtual SFGE and look forward to SFGE2021. Listen to some incredible stories while reflecting on previous events through the wonderful pictures provided by Juan Jusino and Phil Pyle.

Virtual SFGE – What are the differences between WARGAMES and SKIRMISH WARGAMES?
Friday 5:00 PM (RPG)

Gamer and SFGE Crew Chief Jim Kelly will be discussing the key differences between the two most popular types of wargames — traditional and skirmish. He will also provide some examples of the two types of wargames that you might like to try and play.

Virtual SFGE – Atlanta’s newest game studio: ??
Friday 6:00 PM (Indie)

We are proud to announce the opening of Atlanta’s newest game studio. ?? produces immersive first-person experiences that take players down a whimsical path, a world to escape to, and a place to thrive. Our talented team of developers and artists leverage their gaming experience, and technical expertise to create a space for unique immersive content. ?? looks forward to introducing new communities to virtual reality world

Virtual SFGE – Inside the Players Studio: Billy Mitchell(s)
Friday 7:00 PM (Arcade) – TWITCH EVENT

Original Cast Arcadefire! Actor, Luke McConnell (Billy Mitchell), helps The CadeCast attempt to sit inside the player’s studio with the indomitable Billy Mitchell. This won’t be your every day Billy Mitchell Q&A. Join us Friday at 7 PM EST on Twitch (twitch.tv/uncanny_casey) and on Facebook LIVE at TheCadeCast. Stay after for a chatty Billy Mitchell stream we’ll be raiding, as well!

Virtual SFGE – GenXGrownUp presents Donkey Kong Jr. Home Ports: From First to Worst!
Friday 7:00 PM (Console) 

Donkey Kong Jr. is an all-time classic arcade favorite so it was a natural to be ported to home consoles. The quality of these ports ranged from great to, er, not so great. Join Jon from GenXGrownUp as he runs through home console versions of DK Jr. from first to worst!

Virtual SFGE – One Board Family: Exploring the Tomb w/ Chad Elkins
Friday 8:00 PM (Tabletop)

Ryan from One Board Family interviews Chad Elkins of 20th Century Games about modernizing Reiner Knizia’s “Tutankhamun” for a new generation.


Virtual SFGE – Local Indie Game Showcase
Saturday 10:00 AM (Indie)

We have some incredible talent in the ATL. Take a look at some of our local indie game development footage and then visit their sites to lean more.

Virtual SFGE – Marco TV Various Interviews from SFGE2019
Saturday 11:00 AM (General)

Imoto Arcade and Marco TV did some incredible interviews directly from the floor at SFGE2019. Join as we relive the excite from SFGE2019.


Virtual SFGE – What are some resources for building your own terrain for RPGs and WARGAMES?
Saturday 12:00 PM (RPG)

Building 3D terrain for RPGs and wargames is fun and adds nice visuals to the table. There are a number of good resources online that provide instructions for creating structures that enhance your game, and gamer Jim Kelly will discuss some of the most popular ones.

Virtual SFGE – Stern w/ Dwight Sullivan
Saturday 1:00 PM (Pinball)

Virtual SFGE is excited to welcome from Stern Pinball one of the lead game developers of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Machine Mr. Dwight Sullivan. Dwight has worked on numerous pins over the years with a list that is most impressive https://pinside.com/pinball/machine/dwight-sullivan. Join us as we heat up some pizza and practice our ninja skills. Cowabunga

Virtual SFGE – Will It Game “Special Video Edition”
Saturday 1:00 PM (Tabletop)

Will It Game is the podcast about pitching terrible board games from One Board Family. In this special video edition of the show, we have Bruce Voge as our guest judge. Can Ric or Ryan pitch a wrestling-themed game that is worthy of a championship belt? Subscribe to the Will It Game podcast today: http://oneboardfamily.com/one-board-podcast/

Virtual SFGE – The One Where The Store Tells Their Favorites
Saturday 2:00 PM (Tabletop)

Some of the crew of Meeple Madness shows you thier current favorite games including Unmatched, Alien RPG, Infinity: Code One, Geek Out, Codenames, and The Resistance. Be sure to check out the store and visit them at MeepleMadness.com


Virtual SFGE – @!#?@! an interview with Q*Bert creator Warren Davis
Saturday 2:00 PM (Arcade)

Q*Bert creator Warren Davis sits down for Virtual SFGE with podcast hosts Shaun & Alex from Games We Don’t Play podcast. Warren talks about his accidental entry to game development, @!#?@! sounds, development limitations, and his book.  Watch out for the snake and jump into this great interview!


Virtual SFGE – American Pinball w/ Josh Kugler
Saturday 3:00 PM (Pinball)

Virtual SFGE is excited to welcome back the director of software engineering at American Pinball, Mr. Josh Kugler. Josh had the pleasure to work on code for all three American Pinball titles including their latest and fastest title, ‘Hot Wheels’. Join us as we rev up our engines and pull out all stops with American Pinball and Josh Kugler.


Virtual SFGE – Retro Bit Rewind’s Jam Session
Saturday 4:00 PM (Entertainment)

After more than 20 years, two high school friends reunite to make music again. Retro Bit Rewind is a reflection of their love for ’80s and ’90s music, mixed with video game nostalgia.


(You may recognize Juan Jusino in this video as he is the official SFGE photographer)

Today’s jam session consists of 2 songs recorded specifically for Virtual SFGE2020. So let’s get our JAM on!

Dammit by Blink-182

‘Theme Song from ‘Harley’s Humongous Adventure’ for the SNES.

Virtual SFGE – Miniature Painting 101: Placing Shadows and Building Highlights
Saturday 4:00 PM (Miniature Painting)

Miniature Painting 101: In this video, Elizabeth from Miniature Monthly shows painters how to get started on placing shadows and building highlights. This video will also show you the how to paint shadows and highlights on a face along with zenithal highlighting and grey scale. https://www.miniaturemonthly.com/

Virtual SFGE – Billy Mitchell: The Road to Redemption Part 2
Saturday 5:00 PM (Arcade)

Scott Liberto from PlanetScott.tv sits down with the recently recrowned King of Kong, Billy Mitchell. Billy digs into all the events that have transpired since his appearance back at SFGE2018 including his recent record attempts.

Virtual SFGE – How We Played Pinball At Home In The 80’s – A Quick Look At Early Pinball Video Games
Saturday 6:00 PM (Console)

Bobby Blackwolf from the Voice of Geeks Network is sad that he can’t play actual pinball this year, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be terrible at pinball in general. Here, he pulls out a smattering of Pinball video games from the 80’s and early 90’s to see if they can scratch that SFGE itch.

Virtual SFGE – Miniature Painting 102: Color Selection, Airbrush Control, and more
Saturday 6:00 PM (Miniature Painting)

Miniature Painting 102: In this video, Aaron from Miniature Monthly shows the secrets to how he gets high-level gaming paint jobs in very little time. This video is great for both commission painters and army painters alike! This video covers: – Color selection, how to get your army to pop on the gaming table. – Tricks for keeping up your speed and motivation. – Airbrush control. – Base coating with your airbrush, proper angles. – How to apply highlights quickly and then blend them in with your airbrush.

Virtual SFGE – One Board Family: Railroad Ink Play Along
Saturday 8:00 PM (Tabletop)

Bob Crowell from One Board Family will teach and lead you through a game of Railroad Ink from Horrible Guild. Download the PDF and play along with Bob to see how you score.

Virtual SFGE – Arcadefire! [The Redemption of Billy Mitchell]
Saturday 7:00 PM (Entertainment)

See the talked-about musical comedy by Casey Ross, in a special online streaming through Virtual SFGE. Billy Mitchell, Video Game Player of the Century, had it all, until a 2007 documentary brought the gamer back into the public eye. Now, Billy faces the worst accusation an arcade champion can face: they say he cheated. It’s the kill screen, of kill screens…for his gaming records. This is the (mostly) true story of Donkey Kong and deceit…



Virtual SFGE – SFGE Revisits our Tabletop Indie Winners
Sunday 11:00 AM (Tabletop)

Join showrunner Shannon DeWitt as hit sits down to catch up with the SFGE Tabletop Award winners from the last 2 years. 2018 Winner – Rap Godz by Board Game Brothas (Omari Okil) and 2019 Winner – Fill in the Game by Bradley Boothe.


Virtual SFGE – Arcade Repair Tips from Arcade Repair Tips
Sunday 11:00 AM (Arcade)

Jonathan and Tim from Arcade Repair Tips join us virtually through the magic of the internet. Learn about the history of Arcade Repair Tips and listen as they answer questions from viewers. If you have a question then listen along on how to ask or search over 1800 archived previous questions.



Virtual SFGE – Why you should be playing SKIRMISH WARGAMES with your kids?
Sunday 12:00 PM (RPG)

Boardgames are great, but a bit repetitive. Skirmish wargames come in all genres, and there are so many benefits that they provide to younger gamers, especially when playing with a parent. In this video, gamer Jim Kelly will discuss why parents should find a skirmish wargame and start playing it with their children.


Virtual SFGE – Multimorphic w/ Gerry Stellenberg
Sunday 1:00 PM (Pinball)

Have you ever wanted to easily change an entire pinball machine? Join us as Bryan chats with Gerry Stellenberg (Founder and President of Multimorphic, Inc). Multimorphic is releasing progressive pinball games on its revolutionary physical pinball platform, the P3. Multimorphic makes real pinball (steel pinballs, physical flippers, and actual targets), enhanced with new technology that is capable of delivering years of entertainment by changing out the upper playfield and adding additional software. Let’s talk about their GIANT CRANE and newest game HEIST.


Virtual SFGE – One Board Family: Unmatched Cobble & Fog
Sunday 2:00 PM (Tabletop)

Erin and Ryan Gutowski from One Board Family go toe-to-toe with two of the new fighters from “Cobble & Fog”, the newest Unmatched set from Restoration Games.

Virtual SFGE – Walter Day Trading Card Presentation
Sunday 3:00 PM (Entertainment)

The father of E-Sports, none other than Walter Day will be honoring some of the newly awarded 2020 Walter Day Superstars of Gaming trading cards recipients via a Zoom presentation to the honorees hosted by new arcade and culture webcast, The CadeCast.

Honorees Include:
“East Side” Dave McDonald, Blake Reinke, Billy Mitchell (Guinness Reinstatement), The CadeCast webcast & MORE!