Vintage Computing Festival Southeast
Atlanta Historical Computing Society presents Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 10.0

After a very successful, informative, and fun 2023, SFGE is very excited to once again partner with the Atlanta Historical Computing Society to sponsor and host the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast at SFGE 2024! The vintage computer festival is a celebration of computer history and nostalgia where attendees have a chance to experience the technologies, people and stories that embody the remarkable tale of the computer revolution.

The Vintage Computer Festival Southeast at SFGE will feature:

  • Speakers with firsthand accounts of events in computer history
  • Interactive exhibits featuring computers from the 60’s-90’s…everything from pristine original machines to unique modern hacks!
  • Hands on activities allowing attendees to find their own inner engineer and create their own electronic device
  • A Consignment area where you can find or sell your vintage computing treasures
  • Vendors and Concessions!
  • Soldering tutorial for kids (and adults) to build a simple electronic kit with guidance from our members
  • Best of all, your SFGE weekend or day pass allows access to the Festival as part of the event!

For more details and to learn about how to get involved with the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast, please check out their Facebook page or website here.



2023 Speakers

2023 Panel Sessions

Live Kickstarter Launch of a Historic Computer Replica 

(Friday @7PM – Chancellor)
James and Marc will be giving us the opportunity to participate in the launch of their company’s newest Kickstarter. With two successful campaigns under their belt already, they will give us an inside look at their strategies & winning methods. They will explain their process live & explain how they are able to turn simple ideas into major bucks through crowdfunding.

From NewTek to Vermeer: Q and A Session With Tim Jenison
(Saturday @11:30AM – Chancellor)
This session is a question-and-answer session between Dr Adam P. Spring PhD and Tim Jenison. It explores Tim’s many achievements as a pioneer in the field of computer graphics and video processing.

Tim Jenison and NewTek reshaped how television programmes, music videos and films could be made. This was through hardware like the VideoToaster and software like LightWave 3D.

Early and well-known examples that helped put NewTek on the map include science fiction shows like Babylon 5 and SeaQuest DSV. The music videos for Change Myself and Fascist Christ by Todd Rundgren were also important for the company. Discover more about why this was the case – as well as how Garth ended up wearing a VideoToaster T shirt in Wayne’s World 2 – in this session.

“Who Took My Scope Probe?” – Tales from Tandy R&D 1977-1993
(Saturday @2:30PM – Andover)
Paul Schreiber will share his first hand experiences at Tandy from the inception of their entry into the computer manufacturing process.

How Retro Computers Ignited My Passion for Electronics Repair
(Sunday @11:30AM – Andover)
Computer enthusiast and YouTuber Adrian Black shares his passion for retro computers and electronics repair. Having no real experience or training in electronics, he will discuss how he taught himself how to repair vintage computers using basic electronics tools, skills and logical thinking.

Photos from VCFSE at SFGE 2022: