Vintage Computing Festival Southeast
Vintage Computing Festival Southeast 9.0

After a very successful, informative, and fun 2022, SFGE is very excited to once again partner with the Atlanta Historical Computing Society to sponsor and host the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 9.0 at SFGE 2022!  The vintage computer festival is a celebration of computer history and nostalgia where attendees have a chance to experience the technologies, people and stories that embody the remarkable tale of the computer revolution.

The Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 9.0 will feature:

  • Speakers with first hand accounts of events in computer history
  • Interactive exhibits featuring computers from the 60’s-90’s…everything from pristine original machines to unique modern hacks!
  • Hands on activities allowing attendees to find their own inner engineer and create their own electronic device
  • A Consignment area where you can find or sell your vintage computing treasures
  • Vendors and Concessions!
  • Soldering tutorial for kids (and adults) to build a simple electronic kit with guidance from our members *NEW to 2022*
  • Best of all, your SFGE weekend or day pass allows access to the Festival as part of the event!

For more details and to learn about how to get involved with the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 9.0, please check out their Facebook page or website here.

VCFSE 2022 Speakers

Panel Sessions

Replica Historic Computer Creation – 7/16 @ 11:30 AM

In a session sponsored by the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast, Marc Tessier will be talking about his journey through multiple Kickstarters that helped him and his business partner launch international campaigns for their World famous Open Enigma and Open DSKY devices.

Computer Reset — Preserving a Lifetime Collection – 7/16 @ 2:30 PM

When the owner of Computer Reset (a large computer dealer and repair center) fell ill, his daughter was tasked with trying to figure out what to do with 38 years worth of computer equipment. Without any knowledge, she worked with a team of retro computer lovers to find a way for this collection to be be preserved for future generations and honor the memory of her father. This is their story- brought to you by the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast!

40th Anniversary of the Commodore C64: w/ Albert Charpentier and Bil Herd – 7/17 @ 11:30 AM

On the 40th anniversary of the Commodore 64, we will have a panel discussion with two former commodore engineers whose careers spanned from the beginnings of Commodore’s computer business thru the Commodore 128. We will have be asking prepared questions (and also taking some from the audience) to learn more about the backstory and details of the development of the VIC 20 and Commodore 64.

Photos from VCFSE at SFGE 2022: