Pinball Tournaments

SFGE Pinball Tournament

The Southern-Fried Gaming Expo is pleased to host pinball tournaments throughout the weekend of the event. There will be plenty of opportunities for both the serious competitive pinball player and the casual fan to have fun, compete, and (hopefully) win prizes!

Southern-Fried Pinball Tournament Returns for 2021!

Since our inception, we’ve been a cornerstone event in the competitive pinball arena. Over the years at SFGE, top-ranked tournament players and casual fans alike have competed in our world class tournaments. In 2021, the Southern-Fried Pinball tournament returns to offer players a chance to win cash, prizes, IFPA points, and pinball glory throughout the weekend! All events will be IFPA-sanctioned events, unless specified. Players must have an SFGE membership to participate.

Read the basics about our sanctioned pinball tournaments below, then join the tournament Facebook group and chat with our other tournament players and organizers.

Fair Strikes Tournament (Friday)

Players will play four player games where the scoring is: First: no strikes, Second/Third: one strike, Fourth: two strikes. All players are therefore guaranteed at least four games of play. This tournament will conclude when one player remains with strikes.  There will either be a 48 player cutoff or a 64-player cutoff depending on the number of games available for the tournament. Tournament will begin promptly at 6 and continue until a winner is crowned.

IFPA overview

Entry to the Fair Strikes tourney will be determined by a lottery. Complete this form by midnight Friday, August 13 for your chance to compete.

Pin Golf (Saturday)

Players will play a round of games with no replays (7-9 rounds depending on the number of games available). Qualifying will be from 9AM-4PM with last tee-off at 2PM. All rounds will be ended at 4PM. Pin Golf finals begin promptly at 6PM and all players will qualify for two divisions of finals. The top 24 to players will compete in A-division finals, with the remaining players to compete in B-division finals (with a maximum of 24 player slots). For IFPA scoring, only A-division finalists will receive final placement points for IFPA rankings. The structure of the finals will be Match Play with 3-game rounds for A division and one-game rounds for B. The two players who finish at the bottom of each round will be eliminated. The final 8 players will then compete in semis with a final scoring point structure consisting of 4-2-1-0 for three-game rounds.

IFPA overview

Kids Tournament (Saturday)

Join us Saturday, August 21 at 11:30AM in the Marriott Grand Ballroom Salon III for a fun, kids-only pinball tournament! For kids 15 and under. Come try your hand at competitive pinball. Each child will play one full game, logging their high score. Once all kids have entered their initial scores, the four top-scoring players will compete in a 3-ball, 4-player game to determine final placement and prizes. NO IFPA points will be awarded, this is just for fun, bragging rights, and medals and prizes for the winners. This tournament is FREE to enter!

Women’s Tournament (Sunday)

Qualifying begins at 10AM with 6 rounds of match play. Random seeding first round with swiss tiered, or like points playing against like points, following that. IFPA style points, 7/5/3/1 for groups of 4 and 7/4/1 for groups of 3.

Finals: If 32 or less, top 8 will advance, if more than 32 top 16 will advance. This will be a single elimination head-to-head bracket, slaughter style seeding top seed vs bottom seed. Each round will consist of 3 games, best of 3 takes the round and moves on. There will be a match to determine 3rd and 4th as well.

IFPA overview
Full rules

Each tournament will have a $10 fee with $1 going toward IFPA to cover their score-logging fee and $1 to cover incidental repairs/tech supplies.  Remaining funds will pooled for prizes.