Will Meadows

Will Meadows is an enthusiastic hype artist, graphic designer, and media maker. His infectious love of board gaming has resulted in the formation of a media group that produces constant content on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et. al. This group, Tantrum House (made up of four married couples), is revered for its production quality, family-friendliness, and the breadth of their coverage of the board gaming hobby. Tantrum House produces a weekly podcast where Will and the rest of the crew forecast coming Kickstarter campaigns and help new creators promote their games. This past February Tantrum House launched a 3-day board game convention in Spartanburg, SC. More than 400 people attended this inaugural event which featured national qualifier tournaments and state championships, live media shows, hundreds of giveaways, a massive board game library, and a table-flipping tournament that left attendees begging for more! Will is originally from the Buckeye state but now lives in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife Sara and their three tantrum-champion sons Liam (11), Lincoln (9) and Zander (6).