Steve Moritz

I have loved arcades and gaming since growing up in the Chicago area in the early 1980’s, but started my collecting addiction as an adult in 1999. As many collectors do, I fell into this hobby through the discovery of MAME when I turned an old, empty Ivan Stewart’s Off Road cabinet into a MAME rig to play Robotron and Donkey Kong. The MAME experience was short-lived, as I quickly graduated to dedicated machines and, eventually, pinball. My current collection stands at approximately 100 dedicated arcade and pinball machines housed in a 3600 Sq. Ft. air-conditioned space we call “The Barn” in Northeast Florida.
I am one of the original organizers of the Jacksonville Arcade Expo gaming convention and I try to support and attend all of the major arcade/pinball shows in the Southeast with a close group of friends and collectors. Besides working on and playing games, the thing that I enjoy most about this hobby is meeting and trading with other collectors from around the country. When I am not playing or restoring games, you can generally find me outside playing Frisbee golf … badly.