Shannon Strucci

Shannon Strucci is a video essayist and filmmaker best known for Fake Friends, a video essay series about parasocial relationships, and “SO YOU WANNA BE A FILM NERD”, a series on film culture and history, along with being a host and player on the dark comedy/body horror teen superhero TTRPG actual play podcast Critical Bits. She also publishes reviews of films and video games, video essays on art and media other than film, has written narrative scripts and short stories (most notably the creepypasta “A Hands-On Approach”), and collaborates with others under the StrucciMovies umbrella to shoot and edit short comedy and horror films. She has frequently guested on various film and pop culture podcasts and her work has been mentioned on IndieWire/Press Play, Kotaku, Sight & Sound, Digg, Filmschoolrejects, Fandor, Polygon, and others.