Sara Meadows

Sara Meadows has been video/board gaming since she was knee-high to a grasshopper (popular Nebraskan slang for “the year Centipede came out”). Her love for retro video gaming is only surpassed by her love of board gaming (…and chocolate, and her kids, and…). Sara “let” Will start Tantrum House in 2014 after they had been hosting regular Game Nights in their home every Monday night since they first got married in 2005. Together, by teaming up with some good friends, they have built a popular board game channel where they produce daily Kickstarter preview videos, Playthrus, and Top10 lists. Each year they attend a number of national board game conventions and are excited to be attending Essen Spiel in Germany this year. Sara homeschools their three boys and manages their Etsy shop where they sell all kinds of geeky goods.