NinRac “NR”

NR has first began dabbling with game development in the early ’90’s by creating small games to play with his brother and the neighborhood children. By the early ’90’s, he began to experiment with RPG Maker to make first attempts at the video game development process. Afterwards, he began learning how to program to further explore the career he desired to pursuit.

In 2002, NR began studied a software engineering at the University of Advancing Technology. Using his previous experience and a setting surrounded by others that yearned for a career in the game development industry, he began NR, utd. on January 13, 2003 while he began development of The Adventures of F.L.I.M. as a solo developer. By the end of 2003, he finished The Adventures of F.L.I.M. and began to prepare for a team to start Crystalline Cauldron. NR led the Crystalline Cauldron team through to his graduation at the end of 2004. After graduation, he helped wrap up Crystalline Cauldron to move in a different direction.
The new direction yearned for 2D isometric tactic but the toolkit for the gameplay map editor grew to be fun and exciting enough to be it’s own released software for artists who did not have access to 3D resources yet yearned for creating 3D scenes. This software is known as Tinker Time and showed NR, utd. that focus towards supporting it would be more fruitful than the massive scope of the game Tinker Time was initially created for.

NR, utd. took towards the rhythmically interactive genre as it had been relatively unexplored as the team began at the end of 2006. NR took to leading the Mantis Shuffle team while putting himself on the front lines of programming as well and dance pattern developer. By 2012, Mantis Shuffle was released to arcades in North America and Japan to cross off the team’s lifelong goal of releasing an arcade cabinet before the arcade scene was too late.

Profits for Mantis Shuffle were low, as the company expected, and that put the pressure to find and secure a financial source with a new project quickly with a small development cycle and minimal resources. Through talks, NR, utd. found a potential investor that was interested in SHMUPs. Talks continued to drag out for several months and drained the remaining resources from Mantis Shuffle and left the rest of the team burned out. With continued stalling, this left the team abandoning the project and needing to go separate ways.
NR decided to move towards a project that he could handle by himself.  He began Elemensional Rift as a game to continue on the support of a vocal group of fans’ desire to see more of the Elemensional sisters of Mantis Shuffle. NR has spent several years working tirelessly on Elemensional Rift to help it fully address the needs and wants of the goals he wanted it to achieve in the market.