Mike Vinikour

Stern Pinball - Associate Game Developer

Mike Vinikour is an Associate Game Developer at Stern with over 27 years of experience and has been with Stern for over 5 years. He started at Williams Bally/Midway in 1994 and was there until 2001 when Midway exited the coin-op business. From there he did console video game design for 9 years and then returned to pinball. At Stern, his role involves helping with rule design on many of the games, he’s also designed the Expression Lights Lightshows in Rush and Led Zeppelin, oversees Stern’s software testing and releases, and appears at pinball shows as a face of Stern, answering questions, teaching people rules to games, playing people in games of pinball in their booth where they can win prizes, and sometimes speaking on panels at the show.