Mark Jarzewiak

Mark Jarzewiak is an active participant in the Atlanta Pinball League and Founding Member of the Auburn Pinball Club.  His interest in pinball started just three years ago with the purchase and repair of a Bally Space Invaders.  Thoroughly obsessive, he quickly learned how to repair pinball machines and continues to learn while also helping to repair other’s machines in the GA area.  His coloring career started with Doctor Who.  He has also colorized The Simpson’s Pinball Party and Tron as well as providing development help on AC/DC, Metallica, and Indiana Jones (B/W).  He is currently working to complete his fourth ColorDMD title.   Mark also participates in the  P-ROC and Slackdev forums and is hoping to have a custom game ready for SFGE 2017.  If it weren’t for teaching full-time, he’d probably be buried under a stack of pinball machines and Bally boards.