Lonnie McDonald

In 1982 shortly after Joust launched, Lonnie played Joust for 24 Hours and sent the documentation to Williams and they proclaimed him their World Champion. Roll the clock forward to 2011, after a 27-year lay off from playing Joust Lonnie initiated a “Joust Tour” To play 100 Machines in 100 weeks all to 9999999. That run ended with Site 100 being at the Williams Head Quarters where all those wonder Williams games were made!

Lonnie brought together Key players from Joust Development Team, Developer John Newcomer, Artist Python Angelo and Programmer William Pfutzenreuter as well as Walter Day who started Twin Galaxies after a discussion with Williams. This completed a poetic 30 plus year circle back to Williams for both Lonnie and Walter Day.

Lonnie played 100 Machines in 100 weeks obtaining over 1 Billion Points, Playing in 37 States, Set more than 20 World Records with 4 Organizations. He has been covered on Television, Podcasts, Newspaper, Blogs and more. His journey and many Joust facts are located at www.joustmaster.com which is designed to collect and store Joust facts and to preserve history  by registering Joust Machines.

Currently Lonnie is attempting to complete the remainder of the 50 States. His total stands at 123 Machines in 42 States and is expected to play 1 machine in Mississippi before our event, which makes SFGE number 125 and State 44.