Kip Kurry

Born as Kris “the kipper” Kurtstock, Kip was raised by parents who also came from the entertainment industry. Their occupation as mimes put food on the table but often left nothing to be spoken. Literately! They belonged to a devout group of mimes know as the “Communion of the Silent Thunder”. This traumatizing childhood only drove Kris to entertain the only way his parents never did, through his voice. In an effort to distinguish himself from his famous mime parents, Kris changed his name to Kip and shed the Kurkstock family name. With that, Kip Kurry was born. From his first appearance on the game show What’s That Smell? to his wild ride as the host of I Wouldn’t Do That If I Were You!, Kip would go on to be a legend in the Game Show industry and became a household name.

Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo is proud to welcome the return of Kip to the second year of Level Up: The Game Show.