John Kovalic

John Kovalic is a bestselling, award-winning, cartoonist, game designer and writer. The most in-demand illustrator in gaming, millions of copies of his games and books have been sold worldwide, giving his magical, frenetic artwork and unique with a truly global fanbase.

Games like APPLES TO APPLES and MUNCHKIN are massive international bestsellers. DORK TOWER, his hit independent comic book, sold 500,000 copies. DR. BLINK: SUPERHERO SHRINK, his satirical superhero comic book, has been optioned for both film and television. ROFL!, the party game he designed, was nominated for the 2014 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming, the most prestigious gaming honor in the United States. His most recently published game, DOUBLE FEATURE, is set to be the next big movie party game.

John is a co-founder former co-owner of Out of the Box Games, and helped create the ground-breaking, smash hit, APPLES TO APPLES, which changed party gaming forever.

Now, he’s writing books for his Daughter, Louisa.

John lives in Madison, Wisconsin. In his spare time, he searches for spare time.


· 7 Million APPLES TO APPLES games sold.
· 3 Million MUNCHKIN games sold.
· 500,000 DORK TOWER comic books sold.
· John has illustrated and helped design more than 150 board games and card games, and is the most sought-after illustrator in one of today’s hottest fields.
· John is a web cartooning pioneer: DORK TOWER has been published online since 1997.
· John has worldwide, wildly enthusiastic fanbase, with large followings in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Brazil, and many other countries, along with the English-speaking world.

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Image copyright: Anton Olsen via GeekDad