James Simpson

James Simpson has been dreaming of creating games since his first glimpse of an Atari 400. He has earned a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University and B.F.A. in Game Art and Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. James earned the nickname “Doctor Unity” for his mastery of the Unity 3D game engine. He has shared his expertise as an instructor in Unity and game development at the Art Institute of Atlanta since 2009. Titles that James has worked on include: Wasteland 2, Elf on the Shelf Snowball Fight, SnarfQuest Tales, AutoTrader InnerStruggle Multiplayer, Congo Coin Pusher, Larry Elmore Series 1, Balloon Bliss, Invasion: The Last Stand, Silly Beans Jump, Silly Beans Tic Tac Toe, Mad Bowler, United States Air Force Academy Virtual World, Dark Orbit, Devil Whiskey, NASA Gas Flow Simulator, Chubby Pixie, Subaru Advertisement, Sunkist Advertisement, Dungeon Crawlers, Giving Back App, Wounded Warriors App, Bobbers World MMO, Letters Alive, Math Alive, Amos the Alligator Airport Adventures, Ima Iguana Treasure Hunter, Prizewagon Casino: The Boardwalk.