Deigratia A. Daniels

Mr. Deigratia A. Daniels is an accomplished Systems Engineer, Software Architect, and Project Manager. He received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the illustrious Florida A&M University (FAMU) and he is a Marching 100 alumni. Deigratia continued his education at the University of Central Florida (UCF) where he received his Master of Science in Interactive Simulation & Training Systems Design (Virtual/Augmented Reality Engineering). He has spent the last 20 years designing, building, and delivering Virtual and Augmented reality products, training systems and center to clients and customers all over the world.
Deigratia is an accomplished dancer, musician and artist. Deigratia has performed with legends such as Wynton Marsalis and Nat Adderly. He’s works of art have been featured at art institutions like Atlanta’s High Museum of Art and The Goat Farm Arts Center. Currently, Deigratia is the Director of Operations at Futurus and he uses his expertise to establish business processes, grow the business, train staff, and design and develop unique interactive experiences using the latest Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tools and techniques. Deigratia’s mottos are “Imagination is the ability to navigate the unknown,” “Inception is a leadership skill,” and “We gotta blaze our own trails”.