Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a local, indie RPG designer who founded NerdBurger Games a few years ago. His games include Murders & Acquisitions (an absurd take on corporate ladder-climbing) and CAPERS (a super-powered game of gangsters in the Roaring Twenties). Future plans include a short-play horror-comedy game about getting horror movie characters killed in funny ways and several other games of varying sizes and complexity.

Craig has been playing, GMing, and designing all manner of things for tabletop RPGs for over two and a half decades. In addition to his own game work, he has contributed to Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Gamma World, and Iron Kingdoms, among others. He also works as an architect, hosts a weekly geeky podcast, helps organize AndoCon (a local gaming convention), and buries his mind in all sorts of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror media.