Al Warner

Al Warner is a longtime arcade and pinball collector from Atlanta, and a pillar of the hobbyist community. He started collecting video games after walking into an arcade auction in Pennsauken, NJ that was in the same building as a computer show.  The year was 1995 and 3 games were loaded on a truck and later smashed onto the highway near the auction because they weren’t tied down properly.

In 1996 Al bought his first Pinball machine, a Data East Simpsons.  He played it for a year and sold it for a $300 profit.  After shopping a few of his games, he started doing it for others.  Through th years, Al has owned more than 150 machines. He then went on to write various documents on the repair of video games and a few magazine articles.  Eventually, the Pins and Vids Audio show was released in 2000 and the first internet arcade radio show was born. Al is co-host of the popular Pins and Vids video series, which has sold several thousand copies over the years.