Play and Win

Thanks to the generosity of the fine game companies below, The Southern-Fried Gaming Expo 2022 is pleased to provide attendees of the expo the opportunity to play, and hopefully WIN, a number of fantastic games. When you check out the following games to play from our tabletop library you are automatically entered to win. on Saturday & Sunday, our system will draw for each game and will notify the prize-winners accordingly. Check out the great games you can win:

A Fistful of Penguins – Wattsalpoag Games
Antiquity Quest – Grandpa Beck’s Games
Arkham Ritual – Ninja Star Games
ARTBOX – CrowD Games
Back to the Future: Back in Time  – Funko Games
Berried Treasure – Restoration Games
Big Easy Busking – Weird Giraffe Games
Bristol 1350 – Facade Games
Cabo Deluxe – Bezier
Cellulose – Genius Games
Chronicles of Crime 2400 – Lucky Duck Games
Coralia – R&R Games
Coup – Indie Game Studios
Crossed Words – Indie Game Studios
Cultists & Cthulhu – Left Justified Studio
Darwinning – Dragon Dawn Productions
Dealt! – AMIGO Games
Dealt! – AMIGO Games
Deep State: New World Order – CrowD Games
Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances – USAOPOLY
Dome Crushers – Floodgate Games
Echidna Shuffle – Wattsalpoag Games
Eight Minute Empire: Legends – Red Raven Games
Enigma: Beyond Code – CrowD Games
Everybody Knows – Endless Games
Evolution: The Begining – North Star Games
For Glory – Spielcraft Games
Ganesha – CrowD Games
Genotype – Genius Games
Gnoming-A-Round – Grandpa Beck’s Games
Head Hackers – Big Potatoe Games
Hellapagos – Hachette Boardgames
Hero Realms – White Wizard Games
Hero Realms – White Wizard Games
Horrified – Ravensburger
In the Palm of Your Hand – Hachette Boardgames
Key to the Kingdom – Restoration Games
Kill the Unicorns – Prolific Games
King of 12 – Lucky Duck Games
Knit Wit – Z-Man Games
Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest – Stonemaier Games
Meeple Party – 9th Level Games
Megaland – Red Raven Games
Missile Command – IDW Games
Mountains Out of Molehills – The Op
Mystic Paths – R&R Games
Noch Mal So Gut (Bravo) – Indie Game Studios
Out of This World – Devir Games
Pendulum – Stonemaier Games
Phantom Ink – Resonym
Pomegranate Planet – Paw-Warrior Games
Raccoon Tycoon – Forbidden Games
Red Rising – Stonemaier Games
Reign – PlayMonster
Roam – Red Raven Games
Rolling Realms – Stonemaier Games
Rorschach – Capstone Games
Silk – Devir Games
Silver Bullet – Bezier
Skull King – Grandpa Beck’s Games
Small Islands – Lucky Duck Games
Sonic the Hedgehog: Crash Course – IDW Games
Space Dragons – Pegasus Spiele
Spicy Dice – Enginuity
Star Realms – Wise Wizard Games
Stick ’em – Capstone Games
Studies in Sorcery – Weird Giraffe Games
Surrealist Dinner Party – Resonym
The Bottle Imp – Indie Game Studios
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea – Thames & Kosmos
The Deadlies – Smirk & Dagger Games
The Plan – R&R Games
Thrive – Adam’s Apple Games
Triplock – Chip Theory Games
Trophies – Facade Games
Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy Roll And Write – Adam’s Apple Games
Ubongo 3D – Thames & Kosmos
Ubongo Fun Size – Thames & Kosmos
Vault Wars – Floodgate Games
VENN – The Op
Vivid Memories – Floodgate Games
Werewords Deluxe – Bezier
What the Heck? – AMIGO Games
Windmill: Cozy Stories – CrowD Games
Winter Queen – CrowD Games
Zombie Chase – PlayMonster
Zombie Chase – PlayMonster

Special thanks to all the companies that are making the our 2022 ‘Play and Win’ great! Be sure to check out all of the games above and then look for other great titles from these companies.

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