SFGE 2015 is pleased to welcome two incredible pinball developers to our show! Both companies will have examples of their games on hand for guests to play and will be speaking at seminars over the course of the weekend.

Circus Maximus
sfge_guest_circusCircus Maximus is the team assembled by Python Anghelo to build his vision of Pinball Circus. The game is a pinball legend, abandoned at the prototype stage 20 years ago by Williams, then one of the world’s dominant manufacturers in the space. Though only incomplete prototypes remained, James Loflin and Paul Kiefert worked with their friend and creative mastermind Python Anghelo before his death to capture his original vision of the famed game. Now, Circus Maximus aims to finish the journey Python started many years before: to bring the world one of the most innovative and unique pinball games on the planet.

sfge_guest_multimorphicMultimorphic believes the future of pinball lies in the hands of consumers, which is why they developed the P3. The P3 is a modular, multi-game, pinball platform that merges the physical gameplay characteristics everybody loves about pinball with dynamic and interactive artwork, modular shot layouts, and customizable cabinet styles. Multimorphic founder Gerry Stellenberg will be on hand with his first complete title, Lexy Lightspeed – Galaxy Girl.