Panel Sessions
Zap Cristal and Mr. Wright Way present a panel session at SFGE 2022

In addition to all the games you can play and events to enjoy, SFGE always hosts a bevy of fun and informative panel sessions throughout the weekend. While days and times are currently TBD, please take a look at all the approved panels you can expect to enjoy at SFGE 2023! (With more to announce soon!)

The Voices of Nintendo

Celebrate retro goodness with an all-star panel of Nintendo voice actors. Join us for an hour with Samantha Kelley (voice of Princess Peach and Toad), Kenny James (voice of Bowser), and Laura Faye Smith (voice of Princess Rosalina).

Becoming A Pinball Operator Is Easier Than You Think

In this session we will talk about how easy it can be to operate pinballs and other amusement devices. We will discuss the do’s and don’t and some of the pitfalls to avoid. Pinball operation can be a fun and productive way of pursuing this game that we all love and doesn’t require a huge operation to be successful.

YouTube Gaming Content Creator Strategies

An hour of clear cut YouTube strategies for up and coming, as well as would-be gaming content creators. Focusing on keyword research, SEO tactics and format analysis, this course is designed to boost channel traffic, interaction and by extension, growth. Monetize faster. Reach new audiences. Build a dedicated viewerbase. All with tips and tactics brought to you by gaming YouTube creator on the rise, Emceemur!

Homebrew Pinball: You can do it!

Enjoying the homebrew games at SFGE? Always wondered about building your own? Come get creative and find out how easy it is to get started! We will cover options to get you started for free and what you can expect during the process. Anyone can build their own game! Come find out how!

Monitor Repair 101

Monitor repair made easy-to-understand, with simple techniques to fix your monitor.

Do You Nintendo? An Interactive Trivia Game!

Battle for Nintendo trivia superiority! Those on the right side of the room are a team and those on the left side of the room are a team. Whichever side has more answers correct at the end of the panel will have a chance to win the grand prize!

Nostalgia Recharged: The Pros and Cons of Updating Classic Video Games for Modern Gamers

Are you a die-hard fan of classic video games, but also intrigued by the updates and remakes that are hitting the market? If so, then this is the panel for you! Join us for a lively discussion about the pros and cons of updating classic video games for modern gamers.

Multimorphic Pinball: Taking Pinball to a New Level

Gerry Stellenberg, founder of Multimorphic, Inc. discusses pinball innovations and how they’re shaping the future of the industry. Learn how new technology and progressive engineering are enabling exciting new games, new gameplay features, and more value for your pinball dollar.

So… You Want to Be a Voice Actor!

A fun and educational look into the voice actor’s process for creating character voices for video games & animation! Great for aspiring voice actors, game developers, and animators alike!

Nerd Pop Trivia

Questions, candy, and lots of laughs, we’re back! Nerd Pop Trivia is once again at SFGE to bring family fun to another packed room. Come answer questions from your favorite movies, games, music, and much more for fun prizes. Everyone in the room plays together, lots of prizes will be given away, and it’s all free! So whether you are a living encyclopedia of 80s pop culture or you’ve never answered a question correctly in your life, come hang with Chris & Jon from the KB Life, and let’s play some trivia.

Getting Started Making Games with Unity

Ever wanted make video games but not sure where to begin? Come learn how to get started making video games with Zane Everett, a Technical Trainer from Unity. Unity is a leading tool for making video games. We’ll walk through some of the basic concepts for creating games, plans for continuing to learn game development, and how to acquire development resources. In the first 30 min of the session, we’ll cover the information you need to know. After that, we’ll sit and make a basic game together. In making the game, you’ll see input, movement, physics, animation, camera work, and audio concepts. Everything will be presented at a basic level and resources to learn more will be shared.

Just Say Boo! Spooky Pinball Takes the Stage

Everyone’s favorite pinball company from a small town in Wisconsin is back to share their latest news and answer your questions!

Brian Colin’s Arcade History Tour 2023

Join legendary game designer and artist Brian Colin as he takes you on his personal tour through arcade history.

DEATHSTALKER “Live” – Play the Legendary Lost Laserdisc Game

Come see and hear all about DEATHSTALKER , the lost feature-length interactive horror film/game was written and directed by Game Refuge designer Brian Colin for use in an ambitious Laserdisc Arcade Project in the mid-1980’s.

No Coding, No Problem: How to Make a Great Game Anyway

Have you ever wanted to make your own game, but the only Python you know is a reptile and you think C++ is a reasonable grade to get in gym class? Fear not! Peter Stolmeier and the team behind the upcoming VR experience, Shuko Sun: A Lucidity Holo-Novel, are here to teach you how to create a fully playable, customized experience with the power of state machines and node-based systems.

Laughing Through the Labyrinth: Comedy in Dungeons & Dragons and Fantasy Worlds with Writer Robert Bevan

Join us for a rollicking adventure as we explore the lighter side of Dungeons & Dragons and the world of fantasy! In this session, Robert Bevan who may know a little bit about comedy in fantasy himself will delve into the comedic elements of D&D and how it’s portrayed in the new movie, as well as its abundant presence in the wider fantasy genre. Note: No prior knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons or the new movie is required to enjoy this session.

The Future of Gaming on YouTube: Perspectives and Predictions from Creators

Our panelists are a group of experienced and successful YouTube creators who specialize in gaming content, and they are here to share their insights on the current state of the platform and the industry as a whole.