Richie Knucklez
sfge_guest_knucklez_1_Owner of two public arcades, host of the web show “Arcade Culture,” Kong-Off organizer, and World Record holder of seven classic arcade games like Space Invaders and Phoenix, Richie Knucklez is a retro gaming legend. In the new documentary feature film “The King of Arcades” From director Sean Tiedeman and Co-Producer Adam F. Goldberg (ABC’s “The Goldbergs,” “Fanboys“), we will see how Richie has earned the crown he so rightly deserves.

George Leutz
sfge_guest_leutzOn February 14, 2013, George Leutz set out to break a high score record on the classic arcade game Q*Bert that stood for over 30 years. One quarter and 84 hours later, George would set a new Guiness World Record on February 18, solidifying his status as one of classic gaming’s elite. George’s accomplishment took mainstream media by storm with coverage on Kotaku, NPR’s Morning Edition, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Coast 2 Coast Pinball
sfge_guest_c2cA podcast, a commentary, a man out of quarters. Nate Shivers is a force of nature, recording over 80 episodes of his podcast, “Coast 2 Coast Pinball” in less than a year. Traveling literally coast to coast, Nate regales listeners with trip reports, industry speculation, forum static, passionate pinball talk, and more. Coast 2 Coast Pinball joins our already-impressive lineup of podcasters: Gameroom Junkies, Broken Token, and Arcade Repair Tips Podcasts.