Indie Game Showcase

Indie Game Showcase 2023

Independent video games or “indie” games are video games that are often created without the financial support of a publisher. Many of these wonderful and unique titles just need some love to be found and cherished as the great pieces of gaming they deserve. Many great games got their start as indie.

SFGE has supported our local indie gaming community and continues to welcome indies developers to apply to be part of our “Indie Game Showcase”. We supply the tables, chairs, power and audience and YOU supply your great game. We also have a special award for our BEST IN SHOW indie game for the event.  All accepted games will receive an official selection email that includes your official wings and details about the event.  Apply for the SFGE indie showcase below.

* SFGE will supply location, table, power, and a weekend membership for the developer but INTERNET is not included. SFGE does not provide internet, we are working with the hotel to see if this may be available through them.

Our 2024 Indie Showcase Winner will receive a full 10X10 booth for SFGE2025


Indie Game Showcase 2024

Thanks to The Indie Cluster for their support

Indie Cluster

About The Indie Cluster:

The Indie Cluster is an organization of independent game developers that want to gain exposure by being involved in the community. We collectively journey to popular conferences as a traveling booth to help gain attention for our games. Making partnerships in local communities to bring games to the mainstream mindset is a daily focus of ours. We also highlight local, unusual, and rare concepts to challenge the paradigm of the common. Also hosting events to teach kids and minority groups about game development, as well as acting as a liaison to anyone that may need that support.

Mission Statement

We are here to inspire the untargeted, promote the unique, and gain attention as a collective through providing a platform and network of community outreach, events, and opportunities for indie developers!

Approved 2023 Indie Game Showcase Participants:

  • Chao Chao

    Slow paced multiplayer racing game. Race against up to 25 other players in multiple rounds. Minimum 2 players to race. Built entirely in JavaScript and runs natively in browser

  • Chemandos

    CHEMANDOS is an edutainment styled run n’ gun action platformer where chemistry is your power! Join chemist microbots Antom and Microl (in single or local co-op) forced in an adventure of subatomic proportions to save Utopian City from an invasion of microscopic evildoers known as the Small n’ Sinister!

  • EKO

    EKO is a digital and physical card game about ALIEN ANIMALS, BIZARRE BIOMES, & EVOLVING ECOSYSTEMS. Looking for artists, writers, and game designers.

  • Endless FPS

    A first person twitch shooter on rails with roguelike elements and an emphasis on platforming.

  • Five Cats in A Trench Coat Heist Edition

    FCTC: Heist Edition is a 5 player online game where each member of the heist plays as a different cat with unique abilities that help it to fit a special roll on the team.

  • Flower Match

    Relax with Flower Match, a calming match-3 game with a floral theme. The game offers varying levels with a simple objective: match as many flowers as possible within the given time limit.

  • Forget-Me-Not

    A 2D action platformer made for a game jam where you tear someone out of your memories, featuring an interpretive story and smooth combat.

  • Fruit 66

    Fruit 66 is a fresh new blend of first-person cooking-and-driving chaos!

  • Grenade Junky

    The Aliens are coming for Earth, but not if you have anything to say about it. Your mission is simple, go through the Alien Stargate and cause as much havoc and destruction as possible.

  • Keepsake Country

    Burglarize hideous farmhouses in the middle of nowhere and get outta dodge. You have moments before the cops arrive to rob a procedurally-generated house that you’ve never seen before. If you’re caught, the cartoony residents will call the police even sooner… or take the law into their own hands.

  • Limerick: Cadence Mansion

    Limerick: Cadence Mansion is a detail-rich first-person thriller-adventure with deep lore, intricate puzzles, satisfying stealth-action gameplay, and a happy little marionette who really wants to say “hello.”

  • Pollyroll Pocket

    Polyroll Pocket is a “handheld” style sequel to our previous release, Polyroll. A 90s style Gameboy inspired platformer, similar to Mario Land 2 and Kirby’s Dreamland.

  • Potato Party: Hash It Out

    Prepare to laugh when you and your friends gather (virtually or physically) for this Pictionary-inspired asymmetrical VR game! Be the artist in VR, or guess what’s being drawn as one of 1-8 challengers with the free iOS/Android app. Just don’t eat the artist.

  • Pushamo

    Pushamo is an arcade push-em-up that challenges you to organize different shapes into squares to clear blocks and earn points! It’s like if Tetris was crossed with Sokoban

  • The Red Selene

    Defining a genre of Horror survival in the classic all-out action with pixel art, a retro vibe, and AAA-style storytelling like no one else did, All comes with Massively all hand-drawn immersive environments with unlimited details, all created with a novel complex art and game design coming together. The ultimate fun of killing vast and diverse numbers of NPCs with tons of unique handmade sprite-based animations in a gory and bloody way! All that fun in killing depends on risk vs reward systems, player curiosity, finding and managing resources, and the best weapons. For story lovers, emotional and deep stories come with twists and easter to discover in the game lore.

  • RhythmMMO

    This online genre mashup combines the open nature and creativity of sandbox games with the exhilarating pace-keeping of rhythm games. Every action you take will require staying in lockstep with the music’s tempo. Whether you need to dig for treasure and resources or approach and attack foes, your ability to stay in the flow will be key to unlocking the secrets of this world and restoring balance.  

  • Sanbai

    SANABI is an exhilarating stylish dystopian action-platformer. Play as a legendary retired veteran and use your signature prosthetic arm to jump over cliffs and skyscrapers, zip through bullets and traps and defeat powerful enemies.

  • Slider

    In Slider, you manipulate the world around you by sliding tiles. Each area consists of an 8-puzzle style grid full of puzzles to solve, characters to help, and secrets to explore. Manage an ever-growing set of tiles and mechanics as you explore unique areas and unravel the mysteries of the universe.

  • Things Too Ugly

    Clock-in for the night shift. As a TEREBRO INC. Risk Assessment & Management Data Processor, you protect the company’s legacy. In your antiquated workspace, you navigate instruments and sift through documents illuminated by the incandescent bulb of a desk lamp and the moonlight. The static crackles through tunes playing on a portable radio as you parse data. Unusual diagrams and photographs draw you in as you cull eerie details from archived files. Urgency mounts in the small hours. Your supervisor, looming via intercom, leads you through a long-buried episode from the company’s past. Equipped with GPS, encoder device, and more, can you reckon with what lays bare on your desk; will you set right a decades-old wrong?

  • Tiny Kingdoms

    A medieval fantasy tactical-RPG video game developed by Multipath.

  • Urchins & Ink

    Urchins & Ink is a twin shooter with a twist! Learn how to properly read and pronounce Japanese while fighting off pesky sea urchins. Help Sumi learn the language and unlock new levels to challenge fluency. Swim quick and think but don’t lose your ink to prove practice makes perfect!

  • Void Sols

    From the developers that made SFGE Best In Show winner TwinCop comes another challenging top-down game with a unique art style and a retro challenge. You are a triangle and you have a sword, fight your way through an oppressive dark world in this action RPG with a variety of weapons and tense combat encounters