Indie Game Showcase
SFGE Indie Game Showcase 2021

SFGE Indie Game Showcase 2021

Independent video games or “indie” games are video games that are often created without the financial support of a publisher. Many of these wonderful and unique titles just need some love to be found and cherished as the great pieces of gaming they deserve. Many great games got their start as indie.

SFGE has supported our local indie gaming community and continues to welcome indies developers to apply to be part of our “Indie Game Showcase”. We supply the tables, chairs, power and audience and YOU supply your great game. We also have a special award for our BEST IN SHOW indie game for the event.  All accepted games will receive an official selection email that includes your official wings and details about the event.  Apply for the SFGE indie showcase below.

* SFGE will supply location, table, power, and a weekend membership for the developer but INTERNET is not included. SFGE does not provide internet, we are working with the hotel to see if this may be available through them.

Our 2023 Indie Showcase Winner will receive a full 10X10 booth for SFGE2024

Thanks to The Indie Cluster for their support

Indie Cluster

About The Indie Cluster:

The Indie Cluster is an organization of independent game developers that want to gain exposure by being involved in the community. We collectively journey to popular conferences as a traveling booth to help gain attention for our games. Making partnerships in local communities to bring games to the mainstream mindset is a daily focus of ours. We also highlight local, unusual, and rare concepts to challenge the paradigm of the common. Also hosting events to teach kids and minority groups about game development, as well as acting as a liaison to anyone that may need that support.

Mission Statement

We are here to inspire the untargeted, promote the unique, and gain attention as a collective through providing a platform and network of community outreach, events, and opportunities for indie developers!

Indie Game Showcase 2023