SFGE Guest Application

Thank you for your interest in be a featured guest at #SFGE2022. This application does not guarantee guest status and will be reviewed by SFGE staff to ensure the best fit for our 2022 event. This application is for professional game designers, artists, writers, musicians, bands and others seeking to be a featured guest.

Please provide as much information as possible and clearly indicate why you qualify for guest status.

    • This application is for professionals or agents on behalf of talent only. This is not a guest request form.
    • This is an individual application for a group (ie: band) or a single guest. Agents representing multiple talent must submit an additional application for each group/guest.
    • The application deadline is April 30th, but earlier applications have a greater likelihood of being accepted.
  • Reminder SFGE is a gaming convention and groups/guests with connections to the gaming community will have a greater chance of being selected.

You will be contacted by a member of our guest relations team once a decision has been made.