Gamemasters – Rulebook

Southern- ­Fried Gaming Expo (SFGE) welcomes its fellow tabletop/RPG gamers to the show. Our wish is that by agreeing to Game Master (GM) a game you uphold the following rules so that we present a tabletop experience that is consistent with the rest of the convention.


● Check in with our TABLETOP Event table at least 15 minutes prior to your event. This allows our staff know you have arrived and will supply you with anything you need including your player list.
● Please arrive at your ASSIGNED table at least 5 minutes before your event to welcome all the players
● Contact our staff if you have any issues or your table is unavailable. DO NOT RELOCATE without connecting with our team. This ensures SFGE and your players know where to find your game.


● Please allow up to 15 minutes for all your players to arrive. If your complete gaming party arrives prior to that you may begin your game. Once the game begins you can release the alternates and invite them to stay and watch the game.
● Any player more than 15 minutes late for your event forfeits their spot and you may select  the next available alternate to replace them.
● Should you replace a late player and they later arrive simply inform them of the rule and if they have questions send them to SFGE staff.


● All players including the GM are required to wear a SFGE badge or wristband. It is your responsibility to check, should a player not have a badge/wristband please have them see SFGE staff.
● All games must run under the mechanics originally specified during your request for players. You may not change the game, length of game, or location without approval from our team.
● Your event must begin and end on time, as designated by your request for players.
● Should you have an issue or disagreement with a player please contact one of the SFGE staff.
● You are responsible for all items you bring to SFGE. If you have brought your own game or materials, please be aware SFGE is not responsible for lost items.
● Please be respectful of nearby tables. Should the noise level become too much, SFGE staff reserves the right ask a party to reduce volume or to disband a game that is getting too noisy for the venue.


● Some GM’s are given prizes tickets for our drawings. be sure these are given out to the players at your event.
● GM’s are responsible for cleanup of the table which you played. Encourage players to take trash with them as the game ends. Any items left behind can be brought to our ticketing window for LOST & FOUND.


● Should you need to change anything about your event prior to SFGE. Please email us at tabletop@southernfriedgameroomexpo.com