Game Development Track (Tabletop)


This year SFGE is teaming up with Tantrum House, 25th Century Games, ProtoATL, Smirk & Dagger and more to spotlight game creators and designers! The events will feature a Speed Pitch Workshop to help designers prepare for pitching their game! In addition we will have secondary events that may be useful in perfecting your perfect game, playtesting tables and more.

Make the Pitch Event (Friday 7:00pm)

Are you a tabletop game designer looking to create the next masterpiece? Join us for our “Make the Pitch” event at SFGE2023. The session kicks off with the industry professionals presenting tips on items to think about and include while speaking about their games. The remaining session time would be for each designer to speed present their game. Designers would be assigned a professional and would have no more than 5 minutes to pitch their game. The industry expert would then have an additional 5 minutes to ask questions, provide feedback and suggestions on the game. The clock would reset and the designer would rotate to another professional and the process would repeat and the cycle would continue through a few rounds. Allowing each designer to get a few varied opinions from a couple of different voices.

Game Developer Social (Friday 8:30pm)

Game developers who participated in the Speed Pitch Event are invited to attend our Game Development Social. We provide the pizza and drinks, you bring the conversation. This is the best way to meet other game developers and talk shop in a super friendly environment. Location: TBA (pizza and drinks provided)

Note: Must register for the Speed Pitch and attend for an invite.

Red Meeple Demo Area

We have set aside special tables for our game developers to do some playtesting. These tables will be setup in 3 hour blocks. Space is limited but what better way to show off your game than to hear feedback from the community.

Best-In-Show Award (Sunday 1:00pm)

Games that are complete may have a chance to win our coveted “SFGE Best-In-Show Award”. The winning game not only goes home with the award but a free booth space at #SFGE2023. Your game will be evaluated throughout the entire process through our carefully selected judges. Could you take home the SFGE Best in Show Award?