Flea Markets

SFGE Flea Market

We are pleased to announce the SFGE flea market is back again for 2022! Our previous flea markets were a HUGE hit, and we heard your requests for its return, so expect more of the same. Buyers are allowed entry with their SFGE membership.

Video Game Flea Market (Arcade/Pinball/Consoles)

When: Saturday morning (10AM-1PM)

What: We will open a portion of our exhibit hall to local collectors and vendors to sell/swap arcade, pinball, and console games and parts. Marquees, circuit boards, game cartridges, video game systems, artwork, and even full-size project arcade and pinball machines will be allowed on the floor for folks to purchase.

Tabletop Flea Market (Board Games/RPGs)

When: Saturday afternoon (2-3PM)

What: Are your shelves overflowing with games? Don’t worry, let us help you! Bring your stacks of new or previously played tabletop games to find them a new home! Table space is FREE if you want to be a seller (but requires a SFGE membership), and there should be plenty of people interested in buying!

Interested in Selling?

If you would like to be a flea market vendor, tables are FREE (space is limited and requires a paid SFGE membership). All vendors must be approved based on submission of the vendor application form below. Electricity will NOT be available to power on/test parts. Full-sized arcade and pinball machines are allowed, but it is intended for project games since fully working games should be on the show floor. Vendor applications must be submitted before noon on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

Sorry, flea market vendor applications are now CLOSED.