SFGE 2014 Agenda *


[day date=”June 19, 2014″]Thursday[/day]
[event time=”6:00p — 9:00p”]Load-In Available at Hotel (Not Open to the Public)[/event]

[day date=”June 20, 2014″]Friday[/day]
[event time=”10:00a — 4:00p”]Load-In Available at Hotel (Not Open to the Public)[/event]
[lunch time=”4:00p — 11:00p” room=”ALL ROOMS”]Open Gaming[/lunch]
[lunch time=”4:00p — 11:00p” room=”CENTENNIAL”]PAPA Tournament Qualifying[/lunch]
[event time=”5:30p — 6:30p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Arcade Legends Panel
(Billy Mitchell, Walter Day, George Leutz,  Richie Knucklez, Joel West, David Cruz)[/event]
[event time=”6:30p — 7:00p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Arcade Legends Panel Guests[/event]
[event time=”7:00p — 8:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Silverball Sit-down with Barry Oursler and John Trudeau[/event]
[event time=”8:00p — 8:30p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Barry Oursler and John Trudeau[/event]
[event time=”8:30p — 10:20p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Film Screening: The King of the Arcades[/event]
[event time=”10:20p — 10:45p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Q and A with the King: A Post-film Chat w/ Richie Knucklez[/event]
[event time=”10:45p — late” room=”PEACHTREE”]Late Night Film Screening: The Video Craze[/event]
[lunch time=”11:00p — 12:00a” room=”CENTURY”]Kickstarter Party (Valid Kickstarter Supporters and VIP ONLY)[/lunch]

[day date=”June 21, 2014″]Saturday[/day]

[lunch time=”10:00a — 12:00a” room=”ALL ROOMS”]Open Gaming[/lunch]
[lunch time=”9:00a — 12:00a” room=”CENTENNIAL”]PAPA Tournament Qualifying[/lunch]
[event time=”9:00a — 12:00p” room=”CENTENNIAL”]Swap Meet – Located behind the hotel[/event]
[event time=”10:30a — 11:30a” room=”PEACHTREE”]”It’s Probably Just a Fuse: Repair experiences, hands on demonstrations, and Q&A with the hosts of the Arcade Repair Tips and Brokentoken podcasts”[/event]
[event time=”11:30p — 12:30p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Catching up with NAMCO: David Bishop[/event]

[lunch time=”1:00p — 5:00p” room=”CENTURY STAGE”]May the Force Be with You”: Star Wars Tournaments [/lunch]
[event time=”1:00p — 2:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Jerry Buckner’s Fever[/event]
[event time=”2:00p — 2:30p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Jerry Buckner[/event]

[event time=”2:30p – 3:30p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Replay! : John Trudeau and His Return to Pinball[/event]
[event time=”2:30p — 3:00p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Twin Galaxies Trading Card Signing[/event]

[event time=”3:30p – 4:00p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: John Trudeau[/event]

[event time=”4:00p – 5:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Arcade Legends: Life at the Top of the Scoreboard[/event]

[event time=”5:00p – 5:30p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Arcade Legends[/event]
[event time=”6:00p – 7:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]The Man Who Saved Pinball: 30 Years of Space Shuttle with Barry Oursler
(Pinball Giveaway Event)[/event]

[event time=”7:00p – 7:30p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Barry Ousler[/event]

[event time=”7:30p – 9:30p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Film Screening: The Space Invaders[/event]

[event time=”8:30p – 10:00p” room=”POOL DECK”]VIP Party (Invite Only)[/event]

[event time=”10:00p – 11:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Radio-Free SFGE: Podcasting After Dark[/event]

[lunch time=”10:30p – 1:00a” room=”DOGWOOD”]I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night: Rock Band Gaming Event (Come Out and Jam)[/lunch]

[day date=”June 22, 2014″]Sunday[/day]

[lunch time=”10:00a — 4:00p” room=”ALL ROOMS”]Open Gaming[/lunch]
[lunch time=”9:00a — 4:00p” room=”CENTENNIAL”]PAPA Tournament Finals[/lunch]

[event time=”10:00a — 11:00a” room=”PEACHTREE”]Billy Mitchell: Kill Screen Ahead![/event]
[event time=”11:00a — 11:30a” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Billy Mitchell[/event]

[event time=”12:00p — 12:30p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Print Your Own World: Makerbot & Microsoft[/event]

[event time=”1:00p — 2:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Pimp Your Ride: Creating Custom Pinball and Video Games
(Paul Kiefert, Britt Briscoe, Josh Chudnovsky, Jimmy Lipham)[/event]

[event time=”2:00p — 3:00p” room=”DOGWOOD”]Pinball Repair Tips with Jonathan Deitch[/event]

[event time=”2:30p” room=”CENTURY STAGE”]Best in Show Awards[/event]

[event time=”4:00p” room=”ALL ROOMS”]All Rooms Close to Public[/event]

[event time=”4:00p — 6:00p”]Load-Out at Hotel – All machines at the event must leave by 6pm (Not Open to the Public)[/event]


* This Schedule is Subject to Change and will finalize as the event approaches.