SFGE 2015 Agenda *


[day date=”June 18, 2015″]Thursday[/day]
[lunch time=”6:00p — 9:00p”]Load-In Available at Hotel (Not Open to the Public)[/lunch]

[day date=”June 19, 2015″]Friday[/day]
[lunch time=”10:00a — 4:00p”]Load-In Available at Hotel (Not Open to the Public)[/lunch]
[gaming time=”4:00p — 12:00a” room=”ALL ROOMS”]Open Gaming[/gaming]
[gaming time=”4:00p — 12:00a” room=”DEKALB”]PAPA Tournament Qualifying[/gaming]
[event time=”5:30p — 6:30p” room=”PEACHTREE”][simple_tooltip content=’Atlanta’s own Al Warner and Paul Kiefert reminisce about some of their greatest adventures with clips from their classic collector video series and give a sneak peak and answer questions about  their upcoming final release: Pins & Vids: Volume 5!’]From the Mixed-Up Files of Paul and Al: A Pins and Vids 5 Screening/Q&A[/simple_tooltip][/event]
[event time=”5:30p — 6:30p” room=”DOGWOOD”][simple_tooltip content=’Members of the Killer List of Videogames and Southeastern Arcade Collectors Forum are invited to mix and mingle with fellow arcade addicts!’]KLOV Moon-Pie Meetup[/simple_tooltip][/event]
[event time=”6:30p — 7:30p” room=”DOGWOOD”][simple_tooltip content=’Learn about the burgeoning days of competitive video gaming from the pioneers themselves. From the origins of Twin Galaxies to the films Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade and The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, listen to the stories from these living legends.’]Icons in Gaming: Billy Mitchell & Friends[/simple_tooltip][/event]
[event time=”7:00p — 8:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]A Smashing Success:  The Legacy of Brian Colin’s Rampage[/event]
[signing time=”7:30p — 8:00p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Billy Mitchell[/signing]
[signing time=”8:00p — 8:30p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Brian Colin[/signing]
[event time=”8:00p — 9:00p” room=”DOGWOOD”][simple_tooltip content=’Longtime podcaster and YouTube star John Jacobsen talks about his journey from his first game pickup in 2007 to his fast and furious rise as a collector and icon in the hobby. ‘]Inside Arcade Collecting with Arcade Outsider John Jacobsen[/simple_tooltip][/event]
[event time=”8:30p — 9:30p” room=”PEACHTREE”][simple_tooltip content=’Coming off a successful launch of Spooky Pinball’s first game, America’s Most Haunted pinball designer Ben Heck talks about the triumphs and hurdles involved in creating a modern pinball from the ground up and what’s next for the designer.’]Seeing Ghosts:  Ben Heck and America’s Most Haunted Pinball[/simple_tooltip][/event]
[signing time=”9:30p — 10:00p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Ben Heck[/signing]
[event time=”9:30p — 10:30p” room=”DOGWOOD”][simple_tooltip content=’Members of premier pinball collector online communities Pinside and Pinball Bash are invited to mix and mingle with fellow pinheads!’]Pinside / Pinball Bash Moon-Pie Meetup[/simple_tooltip][/event]
[event time=”10:00p — 11:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”][simple_tooltip content=’Join a panel of your favorite podcasters in a late-night, audience-interactive discussion of the latest events and news from SFGE and beyond.’]Radio-Free SFGE: Podcasting After Dark 1[/simple_tooltip][/event]
[gaming time=”11:00p – Late” room=”DOGWOOD”][simple_tooltip content=’test’]I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night: Rock Band Gaming Event (Come Out and Jam)[/simple_tooltip][/gaming]
[event time=”11:00p — 12:00p” room=”CENTURY STAGE”][simple_tooltip content=’That’s right play video games while our live 80’s cover band takes the main stage.’]Live 80’s Band[/simple_tooltip][/event]
[movie time=”11:30p — 1:30a” room=”PEACHTREE”]Film Screening: Rewind This![/movie]

[day date=”June 20, 2015″]Saturday[/day]

[gaming time=”10:00a — 12:00a” room=”ALL ROOMS”]Open Gaming[/gaming]
[event time=”8:00a — 10:00a” room=”PEACHTREE”]Saturday Morning Cartoons[/event]
[gaming time=”9:00a — 11:00p” room=”DEKALB”]PAPA Tournament Qualifying[/gaming]
[gaming time=”10:00a — 6:00p” room=”CENTURY BALLROOM”]Stern Pinball’s KISS Launch Party Qualifying[/gaming]
[event time=”10:30a — 11:30a” room=”PEACHTREE”]Nuts, Bolts, and Broken Tokens: Let’s Talk Game Repair![/event]
[event time=”10:30a — 11:30a” room=”DOGWOOD”]The Digital Analog: Retro Games in the Future (Virtual Reality)[/event]
[gaming time=”11:30a — 1:00p” room=”CENTURY STAGE”]Medieval Madness Kids Tournament[/gaming]
[event time=”12:00p — 1:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]The Rhythm of Gaming with Chris Rickwood and Jerry Buckner[/event]
[event time=”12:00a — 1:00a” room=”DOGWOOD”]Fun with Philanthropy: Gaming for Good[/event]
[gaming time=”1:00p — 2:00p” room=”CENTURY BALLROOM”]“Battle Billy Mitchell” (Pac-man Battle Royale)[/gaming]
[signing time=”1:00p — 1:30p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Jerry Buckner and Chris Rickwood[/signing]
[event time=”1:30p — 2:30p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Whoa Nellie: Designing Retro and Modern Pinball with Dennis Nordman & Greg Freres[/event]
[event time=”1:30p — 2:30p” room=”DOGWOOD”]John Jacobsen: Life in the Basement with John’s Arcade[/event]
[signing time=”2:00p — 2:30p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Billy Mitchell[/signing]
[signing time=”2:30p — 3:00p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Dennis Nordman, Greg Freres, John Jacobsen[/signing]
[event time=”3:00p — 4:00p” room=”DOGWOOD”]The P3: Pinball Reinvented for Today’s Consumers[/event]
[gaming time=”3:00p — 4:30p” room=”CENTURY STAGE”]Walking Dead Pinball Tournament[/gaming]
[event time=”3:00p – 4:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Pixels to Smart Phones: Decades of Game Design with Brian Colin[/event]
[signing time=”3:30p — 4:00p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Artist DJ Kopet[/signing]
[signing time=”4:00p – 4:30p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Brian Colin[/signing]
[event time=”4:00p – 5:00p” room=”DOGWOOD”]Coding and Creating: The Challenge of Custom Games[/event]
[event time=”4:30p – 5:30p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Gizmos and Gadgets: Ben Heck Mods the World[/event]
[signing time=”5:30p – 6:00p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Ben Heck[/signing]
[movie time=”5:30p — 7:00a” room=”DOGWOOD”]Film Screening: Documentary Short Film Festival[/movie]
[gaming time=”6:00p – 7:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Level-up: The Quiz Show[/gaming]
[event time=”7:00p – 9:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Film Screening: World 1-1[/event]
[event time=”8:00p – 9:30p” room=”DOGWOOD”]VIP Party (Invite Only)[/event]
[event time=”10:00p — 11:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Radio-Free SFGE: Podcasting After Dark 2[/event]
[gaming time=”10:30p – 1:00a” room=”DOGWOOD”]I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night: Rock Band Gaming Event (Come Out and Jam)[/gaming]
[event time=”11:00p — 12:00p” room=”CENTURY BALLROOM”]Private Game Bringers DJ Party[/event]

[day date=”June 21, 2015″]Sunday[/day]

[gaming time=”10:00a — 4:00p” room=”ALL ROOMS”]Open Gaming[/gaming]
[gaming time=”9:00a — 4:00p” room=”CENTENNIAL”]PAPA Tournament Finals[/gaming]
[event time=”10:30a — 11:30a” room=”PEACHTREE”]Suit and Tie: The Indelible Impact of Billy Mitchell[/event]
[signing time=”11:30a — 12:00p” room=”SIGNING”]Meet & Greet/Signing: Billy Mitchell[/signing]
[event time=”11:00p — 12:00p” room=”DOGWOOD”]In the Party Zone: Dennis Nordman and Greg Freres and Their Life in Pinball[/event]
[event time=”12:00p — 1:00p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Arcade Collector’s Corner[/event]
[event time=”1:00p — 2:00p” room=”DOGWOOD”]Pixel Permanence and the Legacy of 8-bit Games[/event]
[event time=”1:30p — 2:30p” room=”PEACHTREE”]Under the Big Top: An Update on Pinball Circus[/event]
[event time=”2:45p – 3:00p” room=”CENTURY STAGE”]Best in Show Awards[/event]
[event time=”4:00p” room=”ALL ROOMS”]All Rooms Close to Public[/event]
[lunch time=”4:00p — 6:00p”]Load-Out at Hotel – All machines at the event must leave by 6pm (Not Open to the Public)[/lunch]

* This Schedule is Subject to Change and will finalize as the event approaches.