Biñho Tournament

SFGE is thrilled to announce we’re about to hit a high score with our first-ever Biñho Tournament!

This is a MUST-ATTEND tournament!! Biñho is a board game that’s a combo breaker, blending paper football and foosball into a game of finger soccer. It’s a dexterity game of skill that speaks the universal language of fun, so players don’t need to speak the same language to enjoy it. Get ready to flick, score, and level up your weekend!

How the tournament works: FREE to enter

This is a knockout style tournament that is 5 minutes timed games. The winner will be taking home an exclusive limited edition 2024 Southern Fried Gaming Expo Board! The runner up will be taking home their choice of our Binho Classic: Green Turf  or our Biñho Classic. Space is LIMITED, so make sure to sign up for FREE.

Members of the Biñho Team will also be joining us for the weekend as a vendor and running the tournament. We highly recommend you check their booth, test out the game, play in the tournament and maybe even buy a copy to take home.

Happy Flickin’!

Binho board for SFGE