Beyblade Tournament

Get ready to let it rip and spin into action at this year’s ultimate Beyblade showdown! We’re thrilled to announce that this is our very first year hosting a Beyblade tournament at SFGE, and we couldn’t be more excited to see you here. Whether you’re a seasoned Blader or new to the game, it’s time to sharpen your skills and unleash your best moves. At SFGE 2024, we’re not just spinning tops; we’re spinning tales of victory and glory!

Join us as we battle it out in the arena, where every launch is a chance to rise to the top. With fierce competition and high-energy excitement, this inaugural tournament is sure to be a blast. So grab your Beyblades and prepare for a clash of titans – it’s going to be bey-ond epic! Spin, win, and let the games begin.

Members of the BladebreakersATL, Atlanta’s Beyblade League, will be on hand to teach you how to play. BladebreakersATL invites all ages to participate in our Beyblade events for the fun and competitive sport that it is. If you are interested in Beyblade but have never bladed before, feel free to come out and spectate. Our league hosts tournaments for all generations of Beyblade releases from 1999-2024. The tournament winner will receive a prize, so do your best! You can find us on Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and BeybattleNetwork as @BladebreakersATL.

Beyblade Tournament

Participants are responsible for observing the Registration Agreement/Terms of Service, which are agreed to upon registration. Registration Agreement/Terms of Service

  • All tournament participants are required to register for the tournament prior to the start of the tournament within the registration window.
  • All tournament participants are required to be on time for the tournament. Failure to complete registration results in the attendee not being approved to participate in the tournament.
  • Tournament registration is recorded for BladebreakersATL admin purposes. The recording of participant information on registration sheet by anyone other than BladebreakersATL management is prohibited and can result in a tournament ban.
  • If you are under 18 years old, a parent/guardian must accompany you and be present for the duration of the event.
  • Tournament participants must adhere to Beyblade, Community, and Scoring rules.
  • Tournament participants must adhere to Southern Fried Gaming Expo rules,
  • Tournament match scoring will be judged fairly on a point system, and any penalties or points will be awarded at the discretion of the judge.
  • Tournament ranking is based on 7- point matches, with winners advancing to the next round.
  • Tournament match winners must stay for the duration of the tournament. Leaving during the
  • Tournament will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.
  • Eliminated tournament participants are allowed to leave after their match is completed and recorded without facing disqualification.
  • Participants agree to audio and video recording being captured during the tournament, and the possible use of their likeness in BladebreakersATL recaps and promotional material.
  • Any form of bullying will not be tolerated and can result in a permanent ban to BladebreakersATL events.
  • Stealing or intentionally damaging equipment will result in being banned, and replacement cost may have to be repaid by the offender.
  • Damaging or stealing rental Beyblades /equipment from poor use will result in the offender being charged for the damages to the equipment.
  • Cheating or lying during a tournament will result in disqualification.
  • Disturbance and causing confusion during a tournament may result in disqualification or a tournament ban.
  • Bringing any form of stadium is prohibited unless approved by organizer.
  • If an offender is banned from BladebreakersATL events, they must abide by the ban as they have agreed to it in the registration agreement terms of service.
  • The enforcement of rules, regulations and terms of service are at the discretion of the BladebreakersATL management team.
  • If you are banned during any BladebreakersATL Tournament and/ or event, you agree to vacate the premises and are prohibited from participating in any future BladebreakersATL tournament or events.
  • You acknowledge that offline in-person gatherings carry inherent dangers or risks (potential for illness, injury, disability, or death). By participating in such gatherings organized by BladebreakersATL, you understand and agree that you have freely chosen to assume these risks.