2024 Film Screenings


The Southern-Fried Gaming Expo has a long history of offering a variety of film screening opportunities for our attendees throughout the years. This year we’re pleased to bring back a dedicated screening room to share quality films all weekend long! Thank you to the filmmakers, studios, and/or PR firms for allowing us to share these amazing works of art. Take a look at the slate of films we have in store for 2024!

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2024 Film Screenings:

GoldenEra movie poster


GoldenEye 007 made a cultural impact on a generation of gamers due to its innovative stealth, action shooter mechanics and multiplayer feature. Relive the legacy of the game as told by journalists, celebrities and the game’s designers.

1hr 40min
Director: Drew Roller
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Token Taverns movie poster

Token Taverns

The golden age of arcades may have been in the 80s, but decades later arcades are back and bigger than ever in the arcade bar. Arcade bars have been spreading across the globe; transporting old school gamers back to their childhood while bringing in a new generation of players. It’s Cheers for nerds, a place where every body knows your game. “Token Taverns” is a documentary exploring the growth of arcade bars and what this growing trend is all about. “Token Taverns” centers on 3 arcade bars and their owners over 2 years as they try to thrive and survive through a global pandemic.

1 hr 39 min
Director: Bob Rose
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Before Macintonsh: Apple Lisa movie poster

Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa

In an era dominated by sleek devices and cutting-edge technology, a new feature-length documentary turns the spotlight on a revolutionary yet largely unrecognized milestone in computing history. “Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa” delves into the origins, impact, and enduring legacy of the Apple Lisa, the personal computer that laid the groundwork for the digital age as we know it today.

1 hr 48 min
Director: David Greelish
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Video Games: The Movie poster

Video Games: The Movie

A feature-length documentary that aims to inform and entertain on the process of how video games are made, marketed, and consumed by looking back at gaming history and culture through the eyes of game developers, publishers, and consumers. It’s not just another film about the games industry but an attempt at something much more ambitious: the question of what it means to be a gamer, a game designer, and where games are headed.

1hr 41min
Director: Jeremy Snead
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Shoot Again movie poster

Shoot Again: The Resurgence Of Pinball

In an era of digital, streaming, cloud-based, and electronic entertainment, pinball is a paradox. With most forms of modern entertainment downloadable to the palm of your hand, how does a 300-pound box of wires and lights survive, and continue to thrive? That’s the story we set out to tell with this documentary.

1hr 15 min
Director: Lorien Green
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Going Cardboard movie poster

Going Cardboard

In 1978, the German press and board game makers created the Spiel des Jahres, or ‘Game of the Year’ award for excellence in board game design. Competition for this award contributed to an explosion in the variety and sophistication of ‘Euro-games.’ With the arrival of The Settlers of Catan in the United States in the mid-nineties, more people began to discover the new breed of board game that had been quietly evolving in Germany for the past 30+ years. Going Cardboard takes you into the world of ‘designer’ board gaming, from the community of enthusiastic fans to the publishers and self-publishers, and of course, the designers.

1 hr 16 min
Director: Lorien Green
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Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story title art

Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story

The birth of Nintendo begins in 19th-century Japan, when a young entrepreneur finds a way to sidestep local gambling laws. His scrappy family business holds fast through war, cultural revolution, and a run-in with Disney to bring the world a certain barrel-hurling ape. (Episode 1)

45 min
Director: Jeremy Snead
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Road to Pinball movie cover art

Road to Pinball

Road to Pinball is a documentary about the biggest pinball event (2016) Europe has ever seen: Kevin lives in the Ruhr-area in Germany. Back in the days this part of Europe was famous for it’s coal mining. Pinball was part of the working class culture. Today pinball is gone. Kevin and his friends want to change that. This film shows the friends on their mission in an pinhead adventure.

52 min
Director: Ilija Jelusic
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Short Films

Cary’s Collection with Cary Carmichael

Gaming documentary. Description coming soon. (4 min)

The Entire History of Silent Hill (1999-2024)

This documentary covers the development history, story/lore and critical reception of each game in this classic horror game franchise, perfectly timed with the Silent Hill 2 Remake right around the corner. (34 min)


A short film about a mother trying to deal with her videogame-addicted son. (5 min)

Hit Me: Game Over

A guy finds out that he can control a real person on his video game console. (6 min)

High Stakes

The winning short for Best Gamer Film of 2023 Gen Con Film Festival! Created by the minds of Ross Bryant and Josephine McAdam, a group of friends find themselves in a high stakes situation when they discover that their newest player brings the unexpected! (9 min)

How Microsoft Flight Simulator Recreated Our Entire Planet

We talk to Jorg Neumann (Microsoft) and Sebastian Wloch (Asobo) about the bleeding-edge technology that enabled them to recreate the digital twin of planet earth in the latest iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator. (35 min)


Epic music song and music video by Amy Vorpahl (4 min)

It’s a Mind Game

In a dimly lit room, two boys engage in an intense chess match. As tension rises and strategies unfold, the game becomes a battleground of wits and wills, leading to an unexpected climax that goes beyond the boundaries of the board. (5 min)

Magic The Gathering The Musical

Jake, a teenager who lives to play Magic the Gathering, heads to the local comic book shop one Saturday to try his hand at the latest tournament. There he finds a wide variety of characters including a Vampire the Masquerade enthusiast, a bumbling nerd down on his luck, and a pair of battling rappers, all there to take the top prize. Jake must gather his strength and use his training to win the day, although his true reward may not be what he expects. Be ready for puppets and singing. (27 min)

The Outlanes

A lone stranger drifts into a pinball arcade and beats the high score on a pinball machine. He is then confronted by the cocky hotheaded champion that occupies the arcade. The confrontation is about to turn physical when the owner of the arcade steps in to have them settle it by a showdown. (7 min)

Pinball Donut Girl

When a frat boy wearing a tutu meets a pinball playing townie girl in a colorful San Francisco donut shop, their world begins to tilt. A romantic comedy filmed on location in the Mission District of San Francisco with beautiful vintage pinball footage, original music from Ten Ton Mojo and the Phantods, and starring Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go’s. (11 min)


Dan, still reeling from the loss of his father, finds himself down memory lane when he finds an old Atari 2600 amongst his father’s possessions. (6 min)

Retro Revolution

After the golden days of the arcades in the 1980s, the popularity of arcade games plummeted. Many of these games were thought to be obsolete and were discarded. However, in 2023 there are groups of people doing their bit to restore these classic games. From Pac-man to Galaga these games now have new lease of life for a new generation. These are the stories of those proving the game isn’t over. (9 min)

The Story of the First Video Game Cartridge

The humble cartridge is an icon in video game history. But where did it come from? Learn the story behind the first programmable home console – the Fairchild Channel F – and the team behind it. Why couldn’t Fairchild capitalize on this revolutionary idea and why did the Channel F console fade into obscurity? (37 min)

Two Truths And A Lie

An innocent conversation starter at a dinner party turns in a direction no one was expecting. (8 min)


Two high school kids, at the beginning of their journey into proper adulthood, seek answers about their future and hope to tie up loose ends from the past. They find exactly what they’re looking for: at a price. (8 min)